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There is something absolutely beautiful about simplicity. The “less is more” concept is also true when it comes to photography. The more simple the photo, the more the focus is on you – your expression and what’s happening in that moment.

For this reason, for portrait sessions, I like to keep props and multiple outfit changes to a minimum so that I can really focus on capturing your story.

However, for weddings, I know that your day is full of those special details. Keepsakes, dresses, flowers, and décor are all a part of the story of your wedding day. I will capture all of these details at different times throughout your day while my primary focus stays on you and your loved ones.

What to Wear

I recommend wearing an outfit that you love and that you know you look good in! When you feel good about yourself, you will feel more comfortable having pictures taken of you! Choose clothes with color instead of plain white with either simple designs or solid colors. Wear clothes that are modest and comfortable. Accessorize with simple jewelry, scarves, hair bows, cardigans or jackets.  I recommend wearing closed toed shoes or boots for all portrait sessions except for beach portraits where sandals or barefoot look best. For family portraits, it looks best to coordinate your outfits with a color scheme, but not match perfectly.


We all know weather is unpredictable! So, if the weather is an issue during your portrait session, then we will find an alternate location that isn’t dependent on the weather or reschedule if there is another session time available.


Just like the weather, we all know that children are also unpredictable and I’m 100% ok with this! Believe me, I know! I’m never sure how my own boys will act during our own family portrait session.  But if you as the parents and me as the photographer come to the session with open expectations, then the whole session will flow so much better!

It does help to talk with your children ahead of time so that they know what to expect, to help them relax and to let them know that it is going to be fun! It also helps to have some treats on hand for during the session and also a special outing planned for after the session for them to look forward to such as a going out for ice cream.

You know your children the best, so do what you know will help them to smile, to laugh, and to have a good time.  I will spend a few minutes getting to know your children at the beginning of the session so that they can also get to know me and be comfortable with me taking pictures of them. I want them to be themselves and for their personality to shine through.

Sometimes, no matter what, children just don’t feel like having a good time during the session, but I know how to roll with it and shoot quickly…we take more breaks, I get even more silly, and you’d be surprised at even in the midst of the pouting and tears, how priceless your story from those images will be.

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