Diamond Head Beach Resort Wedding – Alexis and Dustin

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of photographing Alexis and Dustin’s wedding at the Diamond Head Beach Resort on Fort Myers Beach, Florida! I think it was a bit colder than they were hoping, but they sky was a beautiful bright blue without a cloud in sight!

They had also bit of excitement that at the time, they wished they weren’t having. But now, I’m sure they are able to laugh about it and enjoy it as part of their wedding story…One of the groomsmen (I won’t mention which best man that was), decided to hang his tux up on a metal post coming out of the wall near the ceiling. Well, that metal post, just happened to be a sprinkler! Within seconds the fire alarm was going off and their room was flooded. My assistant Tiffany and I were not there when this happened, we only heard about it from a very nervous groom that also arrived after the event! The groomsmen grabbed all their stuff (thankfully, their tuxes were still in the garment bags) and ran outside with the rest of the guests staying at this 12 story resort for the mandatory evacuation due to the fire alarm!! Since they were the only ones that were soaked in their clothes, I don’t think it was hard for all the guests to know who was to blame. When Tiffany and I arrived, they had just moved to a dry room and were all a bit frazzled and running a little behind.

Everything came together for a beautiful ceremony and reception. The Diamond Head Beach Resort staff did an amazing job making their wedding amazing for them.

Alexis and Dustin are a wonderful couple…it was so special to witness their love for each other as well as the love from all their family and friends for them.

Thank you, Alexis and Dustin for allowing me to tell your story.


I don’t use my fisheye lens very much, but I had a lot of fun capturing some great shots! (one of my favorites is Alexis throwing the bouquet – scroll down)

Vidal-King-4 Vidal-King-21 Vidal-King-29 Vidal-King-57 Vidal-King-108 Vidal-King-110 Vidal-King-115 Vidal-King-121 Vidal-King-140 Vidal-King-141 Vidal-King-209 Vidal-King-226 Vidal-King-365 Vidal-King-383 Vidal-King-388 Vidal-King-400 Vidal-King-418 Vidal-King-430 Vidal-King-446 Vidal-King-490 Vidal-King-575


Dustin promised Alexis no surprises, but since he is a musician, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to sing and play for her.


Vidal-King-673 Vidal-King-676 Vidal-King-715 Vidal-King-736



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