Fort Myers Beach Wedding – Louise & Marquis

I met Louise and Marquis through a mutual friend of ours Jen Diederich. Jen and Louise went to high school together in Ohio and Jen and I know each other from attending the same church here in Fort Myers. Loiuse and Marquis wanted to have a Florida wedding in February instead of a cold Ohio wedding…I don’t blame them! Jen connected Louise and Marquis with me a few months ago, and I’m so glad she did! Louise and Marquis are both such a wonderful people, and as a couple, their love and joy for each other and life radiates from them! 

Their wedding was at Bowditch Pointe located at the north end of Fort Myers Beach, Florida. This a beautiful location for a wedding, especially since the beach was extended a few years ago. And the weather was absolutely perfect for their wedding day! Bright blue skies, light breeze, not too hot.

It was such a pleasure to photograph Louise and Marquis’ wedding! I hope they get the chance to come back to Florida soon! I’m from Ohio too, so I know how hard the winters are…that is why I live in Florida now!


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